Opening the gates of Sadism.

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The Marquis De Sade is possibly my favorite author, I’d definitely say he’s the philosopher I enjoy reading the most. Even though I only discovered him in 2020 I’ve read multiple of his books, including the infamous and lengthy “Juliette”.

Interestingly enough, despite his reputation as a philosopher, this wasn’t how I became aware of him. I first heard of him when learning about the Moors Murders case. Ian Brady, who carried out the murders alongside his accomplice Myra Hindley had an obsession with the writings of De Sade from a young age and even referenced him in his 2001…

Clearing up some misunderstandings

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I thought it would be worth writing an article where the sole focus of it is Asexuality as this is something I really enjoy exploring about myself. As I stated in my last article where I covered this, sexuality is often difficult for people to define and figure out, asexuality being no exception to this.

I think it would best to start by defining asexuality as a general lack of sexual attraction. Of course, like all sexualities and identities, this isn’t a strict, rigid term and exists on a continuum, this is what’s known as the asexual spectrum.

When it…

How one of my favorite games almost caused me to have burnout

Do you ever look at your gaming library and just can’t bring yourself to pick up your favorite game one more time? Maybe it’s simply too long, or maybe it doesn’t have that special spark it once did when you cue it up. I had that moment with The Witcher 3.

I’ve had a long run with Geralt’s adventures, but it’s time to say goodbye. I’ve had so many great memories with this game, but I do not have the time of day to travel all across the world with Geralt.

What conservatives get wrong about the ideological state apparatus

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I’m sure that by this point, we are all familiar with the claim made by conservatives that universities and education centers more broadly are secret communist indoctrination chambers with the goal of ushering in the second coming of the Bolshevik revolution. Okay I admit, there was a hint of sarcasm there but I’m sure you get my point.

In the last five or so years, we’ve seen the talking point that universities and schools are no longer giving students education, but indoctrination in conservative circles. …

Religion as part of the ideological state apparatus.

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Christianity is often linked with the rise of capitalism. Be it various Christian institutions playing an active role in the governance of capitalist states, or in a more subversive role by which it propagates capitalist ideals as part of the ideological state apparatus, the two are often linked.

A common mistake that people will make is thinking that because we live in a nominally secular society, religion has little or no influence on society. In reality, however, things are not that simple. The influence of ideology and the ideological state apparatus on society is a lot more complicated than this.

Same tricks, a new generation

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A friend of mine remarked a while ago that the recent scaremongering surrounding critical race theory from conservatives is just a rebranding of the push for intelligent design to be taught to kids we saw in the 2000s. Now, while this may have been a somewhat casual remark at first, it did nonetheless get me thinking.

When you look at things on the surface, there are certain definite similarities. In both cases, there is a conscious effort by conservatives to prohibit the teaching of the one factual side of things and replace it with something that is evidently not true.

My experience of finding my identity

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Sexuality is often a complicated thing. Many people will take years or even decades to find out which sexuality they feel most comfortable identifying with. For me, it was pretty much the latter.

I had no real idea of what asexuality was until I was probably in my late teens/right at the start of my twenties. Even at my point of discovering it my conception of it was still extremely basic, nevertheless, it’s probably the idea of asexuality that most people are familiar with.

The conception of asexuality being an extremely rigid concept by which one experiences no sexual attraction…

The best of the beast (in my opinion)

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Many people consider Powerslave to be Iron Maiden’s finest hour and as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I’m one of such people. It was the band's fourth release in as many years and it really symbolized something different for them. If you compare it to their earlier material, it has a much more complex sound and as a musician myself, I can attest to how advanced a lot of the tracks are.

The album starts with the Aces High track which is by far and away, my favorite Iron Maiden song. The riffs are fantastic and really put you…

Living a meaningless existence

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George sat in his chair by the window contemplating the mundane existence he was plagued with living in. He had only recently got out of prison for a housebreaking charge that was handed to him at the young age of 21.

Above all, he was dissatisfied with life. He had been born into a poor background and like all people of such a background, was likely to remain so. Everything in his life served to remind him of this fact, he was nobody special and his life was ultimately, heading nowhere.

In spite of this, however…

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