Opening the gates of Sadism.

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The Marquis De Sade is possibly my favorite author, I’d definitely say he’s the philosopher I enjoy reading the most. Even though I only discovered him in 2020 I’ve read multiple of his books, including the infamous and lengthy “Juliette”.

Interestingly enough, despite his reputation as a philosopher, this wasn’t how I became aware of him. I first heard of him when learning about the Moors Murders case. Ian Brady, who carried out the murders alongside his accomplice Myra Hindley had an obsession with the writings of De Sade from a young age and even referenced him in his 2001…

My time in hell

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Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses, and thus we hear a lot about it from people who suffer from it. We know about a lot of the mental symptoms people experience and the physical and social ones. Even though this information is so widely available, it was a very long time before I even really knew what anxiety was and even longer before I really understood these symptoms and accepted that I was suffering from them.

Even for years after I realized I suffered from severe depression, the possibility that I had anxiety didn’t cross my mind…

In defense (partly) of a video game pariah

This digital pen has also defended Assassins Creed Unity, so why not stand up for another game that’s almost universally hated among fans of their respective series?

I arrived late to the Mass Effect games, not even playing the first one until 2019. I played through and enjoyed, the first two games, yet never got around to completing the third game.

One of the most important works of Marxist philosophy.

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Louis Althusser was an Algerian-born French Marxist philosopher. He studied and eventually became a professor of philosophy in Paris. He taught and was influential to many philosophers such as Michel Foucault and Jaques Derrida. Of Althusser, Derrida said :

“Louis Althusser influenced so many discourses, actions and existences by the radiant and provocative force of his thought”

Of all the Marxist philosophers active in the latter half of the 20th century, Althusser is one of the most well regarded. He is perhaps best known for his writings on Marx, Capital, and ideology. …

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Sertraline was the very first time I’d been on an antidepressant, or for that matter, a medication of any kind. You see, I’m not the sort of person who really gets sick, ever. At worst, I might pick up a common cold or feel a bit under the weather for a few days, but even this is rare for me. Nevertheless, my mental health is something that I’ve struggled with for years since I was a child in the summer of 2019. I finally decided to seek out help for myself.

When I went to see my doctor in June…

Getting round to it

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I read Dave Rubins's book last year, and I thought it would be a good time to post a review of it.

Dave is a comedian turned right-wing talk show host known for his youtube show “The Rubin Report” for the unaware. On his show, He interviews guests in a very calm and friendly sort of way, not often challenging their views and just allowing them to air their ideas freely.

Dave mentioned that he worked on his book for over two years. Between tours and the rest of his schedule, it took longer than one might expect; however, once…

Was she the 13th victim of Fred West?

Source: Sky News

The murder of Mary Bastholm is a case that has received somewhat of a new wave of awareness in the last month or so in Britain. It was announced in May this year that the cafe which she once worked at was being searched as the police believed her body may have been buried there more than 50 years ago by one of Britain's worst serial killers, Fred West. …

My personal history with the legendary trilogy

Mass Effect was a franchise that was quite simply huge when I was a kid. Starting in late 2007, the trilogy redefined what roleplaying games were for an entire generation of gamers. No longer did the term “RPG” equate to orcs, trolls, pages of stats, and dry combat. Space was an exciting landscape with a variety of characters you could actually know, interact with, form relationships with.

This case covers the abuse and murder of a child

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I’ve been into the true-crime scene for about a couple of years now. For the most part, there’s never been a case I’ve found that was so shocking that I couldn’t get through it at all. Even with serial killer cases like Fred and Rose West which is arguably the most sadistic serial killer case.

I’ve always said to people that if they can get through that case without getting too squeamish, then they can probably get through anything and be alright. That was before I found out about the case of Sylvia Likens. …

Why 2005’s Battlefront 2 continues to stand out against its 2017 counterpart

Battlefront 2 is that game that holds a special place in every Zoomer (Gen Z) and 2000s gamer’s gaming experience, especially Star Wars fans. I can remember everyone around me playing either the iconic instant action or the galactic conquest modes. How can we forget those incredible moments of Mos Eisley on Hero Assault mode?

I have so many fond memories of the game. Visiting my friend’s house and staying up all night playing a combination of instant action, galactic conquest, and campaign modes. Who can say the total amount of hours spent on the game?

Battlefront 2, released in…

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